Catherine D. Hughes

Catherine began her career at the National Geographic Society (NGS) in 1980, first as a researcher and writer working on NG World magazine (which was renamed NG KIDS magazine in 2001) and Books for Young Explorers. In 1995 she moved into her editing career and is now science editor for National Geographic KIDS and managing editor of NG Little Kids magazine (NGLK). Catherine has authored four books in a popular series for pre-schoolers: National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Animals, NGLK First Big Book of Dinosaurs, NGLK First Big Book of Space, and NGLK First Big Book of the OceanShe’s presently finishing up her fifth book, NGLK First Big Book of Bugs, due out in October 2014.

Over the years, Catherine has led kids and family nature walks at nature centers, taught natural history workshops for kids at the Smithsonian, and worked with foster children as a volunteer. Having grown up around the world (India, Finland, El Salvador, and Laos) in a Foreign Service family, Catherine still enjoys traveling. With a keen interest in wildlife and the outdoors, she’s camped on safari in Tanzania, snorkeled in the Virgin Islands and the Galápagos, explored Costa Rica’s volcanoes, hiked through Panama’s rain forest, and visited the magnificent fiords of New Zealand. She and her husband recently traveled to Antarctica, fulfilling her dream of traveling to all seven continents.

Catherine combines her three life passions in her job: kids, natural history, and the written word. She leads story teams made up of writers, designers, photo editors, and researchers to bring articles to the pages of NGK and NGLK, and enjoys writing science and natural history books for the youngest set of readers.