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Your Guide to Graphic Novels 2017 | June 11 – June 14, 2017

Have an idea for a graphic novel or comic book? Join us to learn about the narrative style of this highly engaging genre. Writers and writer/illustrators welcome.

Through paneled format and fast-paced plots, graphic novels grab hold of readers from young to old. If you’ve considered creating a graphic novel, let us give you the tools needed to shape your idea into a working, full-length book.

Author/illustrator Matt Phelan (Bluffton) and illustrator Merrill Rainey (Freddy’s Superpower) join forces to share the process and possibilities of working in the field of cartoons, comics, and graphic novels.

Matt and Merrill will guide you through exercises in narrative structure, pacing and panel breakdowns, refining your character choices, and packaging options. In addition, you will receive valuable feedback on your project during one-on-one mentoring sessions with faculty. Vice President, Creative Director of Scholastic Trade Publishing, and Editorial Director of Graphix, David Saylor will join the group and offer his insight into today’s book market.

This workshop includes:

  • Daily writing time
  • One-on-one project critiques
  • Sessions on:
    • Writing the graphic novel (for writers and writer/illustrators)
    • Narrative structure
    • Pacing and panel breakdowns
    • Refining your character choices
    • Packaging options
    • Submission procedures

Faculty & Special Guests