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Novels in Verse: Take Your Manuscript to the Next Level: Intermediate and Advanced Tracks 2017 | June 4 – June 8, 2017

Have a finished a novel in verse and need strategies for revision? Or do you have a novel in verse in its early stages and need help completing the process? Either way, our 2017 Novels in Verse workshop will take your manuscript to the next level.

Intermediate Track
The verse novel packs a punch with judicious word choices, open spaces, and vivid encapsulations of scenes and emotions, all delivered in a narrative that flows rhythmically. Kathryn Erskine (Hidden Power, Mockingbird, Seeing Red) will work with writers new to this form. Her sessions will explore pacing, poetry, structure, and more. In addition, writers will have time to create and revise – all while building an understanding of what makes a novel in verse successful. Kathy will also work one-on-one with writers each day.
Register here for the Intermediate Track – no application needed.

Advanced Track
The emotional rhythm and cadence found in a verse novel comes from detailed revisions and expert attention to detail. Writers with a completed novel in verse will work with Alma Fullerton (Burn, Libertad, Walking on Glass, In the Garage) to revise their manuscripts. To enter this track of study, writers must apply with a synopsis and the first 30 pages of their novel in verse. *Once accepted, Alma will provide an entire critique of each novel. Then, while at the retreat center, writers will work daily with Alma to revise and prepare manuscripts for submission.
Apply here for the Advanced Track.
*Please note: only eight students will be accepted into the advanced track. Applications are due by February 5, 2017. You will be notified by February 25, 2017 of your acceptance.

Both tracks will enjoy time with special guests throughout the workshop. Padma Venkatraman, along with our visiting editor and agent, will offer feedback on work and provide information about publishing opportunities for this powerful art form.

Faculty & Special Guests

"Alma and Kathy were amazing. They gave us time to write (such a gift), but they also provided guidance along the way. This could not have come at a better time for me. They provided feedback on my entire novel before the workshop even started.Then they spent time throughout the workshop guiding, brainstorming, offering encouragement."—2016 attendee

"The comments on the verse ms. beforehand were insightful and comprehensive. But it was their lectures that led to at least one epiphany a day -- even though that meant totally trashing my existing ms."—2016 attendee

"I love how Kathy and Alma already have a friendly working relationship. They were a wonderful team at the workshop. Both of them were kind, encouraging, challenging in a good way and extremely knowledgeable...and shared so many helpful details and insights. I'm forever grateful."—2016 attendee