Anne Ursu talks about High Fantasy

April 21, 2014

From a post on the Children’s Literature Network where author and educator Anne Ursu talks about contemporary fantasy, high fantasy and fear:
“I keep telling my writing students that that fear is good; that there’s no point to writing a book you already know how to write, that you aren’t terrified to write. This is the sort of thing that is easier to say to students than to yourself.”
Anne Ursu
She has more great things to say, and you can read the whole post here.

We’re excited to have Anne and Laura Ruby leading a workshop here in May: Writing the Unreal: The Whole Novel Workshop in Fantasy & Speculative Fiction.

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  1. Cindy says:

    Hi thereI would be interested to find out when you think the next woorshkp will be after September as unfortunately I will be in England at that time. Could you also tell me how much it is? It sounds like a great thing to do!Many thanksJo

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